Hajj Services

Aman Ullah Hajj Travel & Tours (PVT) Limited has been incorporated with the SECP Government of Pakistan and also with Ministry of Tourism. It is one of the leading company in the market which deals in Hajj and Umrah services.


In view of emerging role of the private sector, the Government of Pakistan and His Majesty’s Government of Saudi Arabia decided that private Hajj and Umrah operators shall be encouraged and their activities regulated. Besides, the informal system which had also given rise to abuses of middlemen, shall be eliminated. Hence, it was felt that a platform be developed for service providers to eliminate this malpractice.


Aman Ullah Hajj Travel & Tours (PVT) Limited aims amongst others are:

(a) To serve the pilgrims either through amalgamation of companies, groups, or reciprocal concessions, or otherwise engage with any person, firm, association or company, carrying on inside Pakistan or abroad, business or transaction which the company is authorized under law.

(b) To directly or indirectly, serve the pilgrims; and to provide a platform to HAJJ and Umrah Travel Operators so as to coordinate their activities and assist them in getting facilities from various Government and non-governmental fora; and

(c) To provide service on nominal service charges and eliminate middlemen’s profit.

The Company, therefore, aims to eliminate malpractices and enforce ethical and moral standards for fulfilling contractual obligations among those UMRAH/HAJJ operators, who are either shareholders or are affiliated to the company; and ensure service at reasonable cost.

Affiliation with various Saudi HAJJ and UMRAH Service Operators:

Aman Ullah Hajj Travel & Tours (PVT) Limited has already entered into agreement with a number of establishments in Saudi Arabia.

Financial incentives:

Aman Ullah Hajj Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd if allowed by the government will announce a number of financial incentives for Hajj and UMRAH enabling the intending pilgrims to plan on long term basis. The basic idea is that the Hajj and UMRAH performers should have definite idea; when they are going to perform Hajj and UMRAH, who would be responsible for their logistical arrangements, i.e. transport, stay, visa and travel etc, and at what cost.

Package of the Company:

Aman Ullah Hajj Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd aims to assist and coordinate the activities of the other Hajj and UMRAH operators and, if required, only perform such functions as they are unable to do or fail to do or are unable to come up to contractual terms with pilgrims. Nevertheless, the company has also its own quota and organize regular and short term pilgrimage. The intending regular pilgrims will stay in buildings within meters of Haram of Makkah Mukarramah and within meters of Masjid-e-Nabwi in Madina Munawwarah. The short term pilgrims will stay as per package announced.